When Friends Cheat

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Heated argument
A few weeks back a friend shared that her spouse cheated.This couple have been together forever and wear the love for each other on their sleeves,cheeks , elbows and neck.  I say that because you can see the love they have for each other. It’s not hidden.

So what happened?

When I found out I was taken back but not shocked. Why? Because I have learned “Never Say Never” . What appears to be one thing can be something totally different when the doors are shut and the curtains are closed. I know this all too well.

Did she stay? Yes. They love each other and have decided to work it out. Good for them. That’s their business.

This is a sticky situation.
How would you handle the news if you were close to both the husband and the wife. Too many times people take sides, even when that person is wrong.

Have you ever been in this dilemma? I would love to know how you handled it.
Stay Blessed


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5 Responses to When Friends Cheat

  1. After being married for almost 8 years and knowing what I know now I would never choose sides. I think at this point I would pray with my friend and simply be a shoulder and listening ear, offering godly advice as led and mostly keeping my mouth shut!

  2. IMO, it’s not about taking sides, it’s about getting with a friend and allowing him/her to vent and not contributing to any negativity. When something like that first happens, anger, disappointment, frustration and what ‘others’ may think — is the first thing people get stuck on.

    Seriously, I would send them to your website, buy them a copy of your book and pray with them for a solution. 😉

  3. Yes, I have had very good friends deal with an adulterous situation. But fortunately, I was not asked my opinion so I didn’t need to choose sides. At different times I heard both sides of the story. Both had valid points, but both were wrong in some areas as well. If nothing else, I used this as a learning experience. There’s always his side, her side, and the full story, God’s side.

  4. Great comments – Thanks Regina – yes, send them to my site ( thanks )
    LaTara, most times an ear is needed
    Tiffany ,Pam – thanks for your feedback

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