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Let’s Stay Together

Love & Marriage Column

Change Gospel Newspaper ( February 2011 )

In March my husband and I will celebrate 15 years of marriage – Glory!
This did not come without trials, heartaches and pain.
You all know that, ( I wrote a book about it ) But that’s not all we had to go through. There were days  I wanted to run for the hills and vice versa. I also had days that I was floating on a cloud of love never wanting to come down. To this day I can say I am still “in love” with my husband. He is my friend, husband, partner and my lover. I love me some him! He rocks my world.

Marriage is not a cake walk. It is WORK! But you must be willing to put in the work. Continue Reading

Will My Marriage Last ?

Love & Marriage Column Change Gospel Newspaper ( July 2010 ) Will My Marriage Last ? By Nicole Cleveland Recently I had a conversation with  a single sister. “I’m scared to get married”, she said “look at what happened to you.” Truth be told many singles feel this way. Some voice their concerns and some… Continue Reading

Infidelity – Do I Stay or Walk Away ?

Every time we turn on the tv, there is a story about another spouse being cheated on? Or it’s the same story with more partners surfacing, which affects the loyal spouse even more. From feelings of hurt, disappointment, denial and evenanger. When a husband or wife has an affair it makes the other spouse take a look… Continue Reading