Are You Struggling With Starting Over After A Breakup or Divorce ?

Getting divorced after 20 years left Nicole in a fog. Six months prior to facing a divorce, her mother died in front of her. This devastated Nicole. She was in ministry, mourning the loss of her mother, with two children to care for and no job. Grieving the loss of both, her mother and her marriage; she was a hot mess. A decision had to be made. Stay stuck or survive. She immediately switched to survival mode and rebuilt her life; one decision at a time. You don’t have to stay stuck ! Let her show you how to rebuild your life and WIN after a breakup or divorce.

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Non-Profit Fundraising

  • Do you have a development plan for your organization?
  • Do you have an annual giving campaign?
  • Are you maximizing your list?
  • What happens if the grants suddenly go away? Will your organization shut down?

Let me help you with a comprehensive development plan that is guaranteed to increase your annual budget and help continue the work you do.

  • One on One Consulting  — Includes 12 “right now” fundraising initiatives to implement in your organization that will start generating much-needed revenue for your organization
  • Leadership & Staff Training
  • Fundraising Workshops
  • Virtual Strategy Session
  • Strategy & Planning Session
  • Campaign Manager 

I’d love to come out to encourage and motivate your audience. Book Nicole for your next conference, retreat, panel discussion, break-out sessions, seminar or training event.

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