Nicole  was captivating, funny, authentic and compelling in her delivery. The audience was engaged in her presentation the entire time and responded with applause, laughter and “ ah ha” moments. I would definitely recommend Nicole Cleveland as a speaker for any conference, meeting, retreat, convention or symposium! ~ Sharvette Mitchell | Talk Radio Host. Media Coach. Web Designer | www.sharvette.com

Nicole Cleveland, host of “Woman2Woman” on Star 1310 is a bright and phenomenal woman.  While her segments speak directly to the heart of women, I personally find them useful for my daily journey.  She’s a fired- up sister for Christ and a talented writer. ~ Dale Murray | Program Director | Star 1310 |www.star1310.com

Nicole Cleveland….a woman who wears her heart on her sleeve, it’s not often that you find someone who’s not afraid to love, to give, but who also captures the true meaning of forgiveness. A true sister friend! ~ Pastor Francine Humphrey, Issues Concerning Women, Inc.

Nicole Cleveland has been a Godsend to me and my family.  Her mission is to help deliver others from the evils of this world.  She is compassionate and a loyal servant.  Nicole teaches that if we treat others unkindly or selfishly or with any bad intent, God does not take it lightly; in fact, He feels so passionately about it that He takes it personally.  My life has been richly blessed since I became a friend of Nicole. ~ Jan House

Nicole is truly anointed and Blessed by God.  She takes her calling seriously – being there for other women who are facing hardships – by encouraging them, praying with them, helping them and letting them know that they are not alone.  I thank God that he put her in my life as a colleague and as a friend.  She lives her life by being a Blessing to others. ~ Barbara Hamm Lee

A woman with great determination and a mind to succeed. She is an inspiration to those that know her. ~ Pastor Vicki Coward, Agape International Ministries Worldwide

Nicole Cleveland is the portrait of choice … the choice to Breathe Again.She has battled through strong winds and rough currents. The wounds she received were deep. In spite of that she rejoiced in victory by giving glory and honor to God Almighty. She has ushered in the source of deliverance for women that must Breathe Again. ~ Evangelist Mary B. Boykins , El Shaddai Productions

Nicole is an awesome woman of Christ and it’s a privilege to know her personally and professionally. She always puts others in front of herself and she will one day be rewarded for that. She is a wonderful and dedicated business owner. ~ Corrie Petersen, Virtual Freedom 4 You