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Things That Make You Go Shhhhhh……



Last week I was honored to be a panel speaker on “Things that make you Go Shhhhh”…, a talk show and brain child of Miriam Holt, founder of A Sister’s Heart Ministry.

What are “Things that make you go shhhhhh?”

Those are issues people would rather not deal with. When they happen,little is said. It’s similar to how Wikepedia describes “Elephant in The Room.”

Elephant in the room” is an English idiom for an obvious truth that is being ignored or goes unaddressed. The idiomatic expression also applies to an obvious problem or risk no one wants to discuss. – Wikipedia

These things are shameful,embarrasing and just plain uncomfortable to talk about.

My topic was Adultery and the discussion was centered around my book, “So He Cheated, Now What?‘ The conversation was real, relevant and raw. During the conversation I was led to share things that are not inside the book, things that are personal but need to be shared in order to help myself and others heal. Adultery is something swept under the rug and very tough topic to talk about,if you are currently a victim. Some even have the mindset, ” It happened, now get over it.” That is easier said than done. With time, communication and much prayer it can be done. I am a witness.

The talk show host was the lovely Becky McCadden.Things that make you go shhhhh will be produced live bi-monthly at the Life Center in Chesapeake ,Virginia. You can be apart of the next live studio audience  in November. 

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