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So He Hurt You Now What


So He Hurt You, Now What?  – Messages of Hope For a Hurting Sister”  is a collection of short messages to encourage,uplift and inspire you.   Think of a daily message you would send a friend that is at a very low place. Her man or husband just left her or she just found out of his betrayal.  In the midst of our storm or “pity party” we need someone that’s not going to play with us. Somebody that has no other motive but to see us happy. That’s what you’ll find in  ”So He Hurt You, Now What? – Messages of Hope For a Hurting Sister.  Available on | Free Excerpt | Paperback  |  Kindle

So He Cheated, Now What?

So-He-CheatedDiscover the painful truth behind Infidelity
The answer may save your Marriage !

So He Cheated, Now What? is a one woman’s testimonial on how she overcame an affair in her marriage. Everyday women are asking the questions, ” Do I Stay or Walk Away? ” and “Can the Trust Ever be Restored?”. Nicole Cleveland shares the steps to rebuilding trust after an affair in this book. After reading this book you will understand that marriage is a threesome and God is the ultimate restorer. $12.95

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