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Bless a Couple Dealing With the Aftermath of Infidelity

Turn on the news and I can promise you there will be a leading story on infidelity.

Politicians, athletes, movie stars,church leaders, high profile individuals  and the list goes on and on.

I cringe each time I read,see or here the reports. Infidelity ( or whatever you want to call it – cheating,having an affair, jump off, side piece etc… ) is not going away. It will continue to happen, just as we continue to need food to survive.We know it’s going on , but what are we doing to deal with the aftermath? It’s no longer something we don’t talk about. It must be dealt with. Especially for those that want to rebuild their marriage. You can not sweep it under the rug,wishing it will just go away.  It does not happen that way. It must be dealt with.

My heart goes out to the couple  that’s still struggling  with the aftermath of infidelity. The person that is still blaming themselves, won’t forgive and on the verge of walking away. I know first hand the pain that runs deep  and it feels like their world is falling apart. But I also know that God is a Restorer . He is able to do what we can not do when we turn it over to him.  ( but we must give it to him ) When I minister to women I tell them ” Taking my husband back was the easy part, rebuilding the trust was so very hard.” There were times I wanted to run, hide and just not deal with all the pain.

When you decide ( and it must be what you really want to do )  to move forward and rebuild your marriage, it will be a process. For the most part it will not be a cake walk. It will take time,dedication,honesty,forgiveness and lots of love.

To help couples trying to rebuild their marriage after an affair or infidelity, grab my book, “So He Cheated, Now What?” It’s my personal testimony and action steps on how my husband and I overcame an affair in our marriage. An affair that resulted in a child being born . If God allowed us to go through this process and now my marriage is stronger than ever, he can do it for you, your family member, sister or friend. He can do it !

My gift to you is a special “So He Cheated, Now What?” Christmas Combo which includes, the ebook, audiobook and bonus interview with my husband titled, “Why Did You Cheat? ” Grab it now for just $10.


Help my husband and I reach the masses struggling with the aftermath of infidelity. If God did it for us he can do it for you. Right now you  may feel  alone but I want you  to know you  are NOT alone. Your situation is NOT hopeless.

We understand. We care.I get it. I don’t say this because I read it. I lived it.

If it hasn’t happened to you, I bet you know someone that’s dealing with it right now. Purchase this combo today for just $10 and share our victorious testimony with them.




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