Nicole lives her life on purpose. Her mission is to ensure that women are not suffering in silence, as she once was. In 2006 she founded Breathe Again Magazine, an online magazine designed to encourage, uplift and inspire women. She is the host of Breathe Again Radio Show Podcast – A moment of Hope, Inspiration, Faith and Solutions. Nicole believes that everything we GROW through is for someone else. Your testimony is not for you, it’s for the next person who will feel what you felt and cry the same tears you cried. Nicole believes that you shouldn’t hold on to your testimony, somebody’s life depends on it.

Over the past few years, Nicole has published two books, “So He Cheated, Now What?” and “So He Hurt You – Messages of Hope to a Hurting Sister”. These books are not just a random conversation, it’s her journey. Sometimes the challenge felt too great to endure, however, by the grace and direction of God, she is a living testimony that you too can conquer whatever you’re going through.  Nicole believes and teaches that you must have a willing spirit to submit to the Word and Will of God for your life — even in the midst of your trials and tribulations.

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Start Over With Nicole

Starting Over after a breakup, betrayal or divorce is difficult; but it can be done. We serve a God that comforts the brokenhearted. He heals the wounded. A God that cares how you feel.

“Getting divorced after 20 years left me in a fog. What was going on? I’m in ministry; this was NOT supposed to happen. Well, no one came to rescue me. I had to learn how to put my life back together again; one decision at a time.” ~ Nicole Cleveland

Let me show you how !

Nicole Cleveland is the portrait of choice … the choice to Breathe Again. She has battled through strong winds and rough currents. The wounds she received were deep. In spite of that, she rejoiced in victory by giving glory and honor to God Almighty. She has ushered in the source of deliverance for women that must Breathe Again. ~ Evangelist Mary B. Boykins , El Shaddai Productions