Let’s Stay Together

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Love & Marriage Column

Change Gospel Newspaper ( February 2011 )

In March my husband and I will celebrate 15 years of marriage – Glory!
This did not come without trials, heartaches and pain.
You all know that, ( I wrote a book about it ) But that’s not all we had to go through. There were days  I wanted to run for the hills and vice versa. I also had days that I was floating on a cloud of love never wanting to come down. To this day I can say I am still “in love” with my husband. He is my friend, husband, partner and my lover. I love me some him! He rocks my world.

Marriage is not a cake walk. It is WORK! But you must be willing to put in the work.

It seems like people treat marriage like vehicles. We trade up ( or sometimes down ) when we don’t smell that  “new”smell in the car anymore. The brakes start sticking and low and behold you have to get a new transmission. Smart people fix  what they already have instead of purchasing something different.

The put money into the car as opposed to financing a new one.

Can I suggest you do like Al Green and start singing the song – “Let’s Stay Together”
It’s just easier to work out your issues and stay together. ( if both parties are willing )

  • Will you see eye to eye all the time ? – NO
  • Will they get on your nerves sometimes ? – YES

But let me tell you something, you won’t see eye to eye all the time with someone else either and they will work your nerves too.

If you are in an abusive situation, I’m not suggesting you stay. Every situation is different.


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