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My Virtual Book Tour :So He Hurt You, Now What? – Messages of Hope for a Hurting Sister

   Tour Hosted by WNL Virtual Book Tours

Messages of Hope for a Hurting Sister

Genre: Christian Non-Fiction

This two week tour will run February 10-21, 2014

About The Book

book cover

So He Hurt You, Now What?Messages of Hope for a Hurting Sister, is a series of short messages to encourage, uplift and inspire you. Think of a daily message you would send a friend that’s at a very low place in their life. Her husband or boyfriend just left her or she just found out of his betrayal. She’s in shock and kinda frozen….unable to move forward.

We need a voice in our ear that says… Hey Girl – You are going to make it… You are NOT alone… Let me help you get out of this pit you are currently in because you can’t stay there. Continue Reading

He Hurt You

Women are stuck in neutral because of hurt, rejection and pain from someone that hurt them. So He Hurt You, Now What? What do you do after the hurt, pain and shame? What do you do if they up and left you for someone else? What do you do if your heart has been broken… Continue Reading

No New Year Resolutions

  Happy New Year ! We are exactly  one week into the year 2013. That means we have just fifty-one more weeks to go. Around this time is when everyone makes New Year Resolutions and declare what they are going to do in the new year. I stopped making new year resolutions years ago, after… Continue Reading