He Hurt You

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Women are stuck in neutral because of hurt, rejection and pain from someone that hurt them.

So He Hurt You, Now What?

What do you do after the hurt, pain and shame?

What do you do if they up and left you for someone else?

What do you do if your heart has been broken and you’re not sure how to go on?

What do you do if you are in a state of self-imprisonment because you have chosen not to forgive?

I know what you do –  YOU LIVE!

I know what you do –  YOU FORGIVE!

Do not allow another person to have that much control over you.

So they didn’t want you!

So they may have left!

So you are still hurt!

You are not the first person that”s been or is still hurt and you won’t be the last.

Get up, get your life back and live my sister.

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It’s not about a man or other outside forces; it’s all about YOU in 2013. Be selfish this year.

So He Hurt You, Now What? What will you do for you?

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