Overcoming Sexual Abuse

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As I sit here and reflect on my life, I’m in awe at what God is doing at this present moment.

We can be healed in one area of our life and totally broken in another.

A few months ago in prayer, the holy spirit  revealed that I needed to deal with the sexual abuse that occurred  in my life some 30 + years ago.

My attitude was, “it happened, so what, get over it Nicole.”  And that’s  how I lived for years. I built a wall of protection to cover the little girl that was  hurting. She was hidden deep on the inside because no one protected her,  she had to protect herself.

The little girl was never fully healed. She was protected but not healed.

Who would have thought that God would use my story – my testimonies – my life to help someone else. After everything that I’ve  had to endure, now I need to go back and heal the little girl that still weeps. The one that sniffles but is told to” shut that noise up.

When we go through our various storms we often think we are alone and no one understands our cry.

I am here to declare that I understand. I get it. Just like God is continuing to heal me from different situations, he will do the same for you.

This past week I was a guest contributor for Blessed Gems. Blessed G.E.M.S. is a faith-based organization designed to be an aid to the community, both online and locally. An organization that works to encourage and empower those who find themselves in challenging circumstances allowing them to press forward.

You can read my article, “A Void Only God Can Fill” by clicking here.

This is my “coming out” article where I talk in detail about the sexual abuse that occurred in my life between the ages of 9-13. It was a very dark period, but a valley that God allowed me to endure.

As you will see in the article, the abuse led me down a very dark road to being promiscuous as a young girl. I’m not proud of this part of my journey, but it’s all a part of my Pain to Purpose process.

This is my story. This is my song.

If that did not happen I would not be able to minister to girls that are experiencing and have experienced this. If that’s you, I want you to know it was NOT your fault. Stop beating yourself up.

Talk to someone and get FREE from the  shackles that have you bound. God wants more from you.

I’m here for you. I understand. I get it. Let’s heal together!

Stay Blessed





Child sexual abuse can take place within the family, by a parent, step-parent, sibling or other relative; or outside the home by a friend, neighbor, child care person, teacher, or stranger.

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