No More Bus Stops In the Snow

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waiting on bus in snow

God is so good and I am so very blessed.

Yesterday, while Norfolk reached some of the lowest temperatures in history, I drove past a bus stop on my way to work.

Children bundled up, turned backwards trying hard for the wind not to penetrate their face or skins. Parents, rubbing their hands together , while continuing to look down the street for the bus to come.

Oh, how I remember those days. Growing up we never had a car, so everywhere we went it was by bus or my mother paying someone to give us a ride.

Standing on the bus stop in below freezing tempatures I would dream of one day having my own car. I made a promise to myself that my kids would not stand at the bus stop.

Today, I am thankful for a car to drive. Some may say that’s stupid, but to me that’s far from stupid.

I felt that cold cutting at my face and my hands be so cold that I had to double up the gloves with pairs of socks.

God is good and I take nothing for granted.What you think is small or little, may be the world to someone else.
I know as a child, a warm car on those freezing days meant the world to me.

Stay Thankful !


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