Gotta Have Love

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Today I was honored to speak at the Girlfriend”s Getaway Retreat hosted by The Girlfriend Connection in Richmond, Virginia.

My session was targeted around the topic, ” So He Cheated, Now What?” ( the title of my book )
After sharing my testimony I elaborated on 3 lessons I learned throughout this journey of mine. Below is the
first lesson.

“When you lose, never lose the lesson”

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#1 – LOVE

The love I had for my husband was deep as a well and
wide as an ocean. It was like a strong force that
wouldn”t quit.This love overpowered the anger and the
hurt.But it only did that because I allowed it to
overpower & choke the hurt.

I had to be a willing participant and allow the love to do it”s work.

Love is powerful. Let it work.

Gotta have love!


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