Cook Your Own Food

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Lord knows I’m tired. Running around all day with the kids wore me out.

Running and walking up and down Mt. Trashmore in Virginia Beach is no joke.

I can still feel the back of my thighs burning ( ugh!)

When we made it home all I wanted to do was rest. The kids and I ate while we were out so I didn’t need to cook.
My husband worked all day so I knew he would be expecting dinner when he arrived home.
Since the kids and I already ate, there was really no need to cook.

What does a wife do?
a) Tell him I ‘m not cooking and fend for himself ?
b) Bring him home something to eat
c) Cook him a special meal

What did I do?

I came home, unthawed a steak and made him his own special dinner. ( and he ate every last bit of it and was happy he didn’t have to share )

Did I feel like it? Nope, but being as though I didn’t work all day and he would be expecting a meal, I did what I had to do. Marriage is about sacrifice and most important — PEACE!

I’d rather have Jesus and I’d rather have peace.

What would you do?


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