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15 Years of Marriage = 15 Reasons Why I Love You (#4)

On March 6, my husband and I will celebrate 15 years of marriage.

To celebrate the man I married, I’m going to  blog for for the next 15 days….


You make me laugh. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t laugh at your silly tail.Even when I  have an attitude with you I end up laughing. I just can’t help it.You make me smile each day of my life and I just love you for that.

I pray daily that the Lord increases our love and laughter and he is doing just that.

I love you more than all the stars in the sky……


Infidelity – Do I Stay or Walk Away ?

Every time we turn on the tv, there is a story about another spouse being cheated on? Or it’s the same story with more partners surfacing, which affects the loyal spouse even more. From feelings of hurt, disappointment, denial and evenanger. When a husband or wife has an affair it makes the other spouse take a look… Continue Reading

He Cheated, So Now What ??

This weekend I had the privilege of going to see Why Did I Get Married Too by Tyler Perry. In the movie ” Pat” ( Janet Jackson ) was a successful author of the book, ” He Cheated, So Now What?” In reality a very similar title, ” So He Cheated, Now What?” is written… Continue Reading