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Rejection Hurts

Rejection stings
Rejection cuts
Rejection excludes

ncrejection2Have you been rejected lately? It didn’t feel good, did it?


Most of us internalize rejection. We study it. We pick it apart and if we’re not careful, we’ll allow it to consume our thought process. Every waking moment will be dedicated to examining the reason for the rejection. We feel unloved, unworthy and not good enough.

But why?

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You are ENOUGH

  I want you to know something. YOU ARE ENOUGH!  Your body is enough,your face is enough,your house ( apt ),booty and car are enough. Too often  we think because someone has moved on or hurt us, we must conform to make them stay or love us. No,No,No! If God created you in his image… Continue Reading

My Birthday Gift to YOU!

    Hello There! I pray you are having a fabulous day! Fabulous is my new buzz word 🙂 If you’re a mother I want to give you a cyber-hug and say Happy Mother’s Day. No, I’m not late. It should not take a national holiday to honor you. The work you do each and every… Continue Reading