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You are ENOUGH


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I want you to know something.


Your body is enough,your face is enough,your house ( apt ),booty and car are enough.

Too often  we think because someone has moved on or hurt us, we must conform to make them stay or love us.


If God created you in his image and he said that you are fearfully and wonderfully made,who are you to fix or re-create what he said was good. ( Genesis 1:31 )

The rejection of man is just a re-direction of God. It was not good for you. He saw that and because you wouldn’t do anything about it, he did. He loves us that much. It’s not rejection, it’s just a shift move. God is getting you ready for the real deal.

Below are 3 Tips that will help you

1. Get in the word of God like never before.

  • Ask him to give you understanding
  • Ask him how to apply what you read to your life
  • Just listen

2. Surround yourself with positive people

  • Delete negative people from your life right now ( hopefully forever, but right now is critical )
  • Ask yourself, “Are they helping or hindering?”
  • Stay around people that love you and will make you laugh ( laughter cures many things )

3. Do YOU

  • You’ve done it for everybody else, now do it for you ( not the vine )
  • Find something you are passionate about and start working your passion
  • Take a break and breathe again. Enjoy the moment

Honey, you are FABULOUS  and you are ENOUGH!


Stay Blessed,

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