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Women and Men are Still Hurting

Happy New Year !

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2010 was a good year, I can’t complain and won’t complain. My book was released and boy was that a ride.

One thing is for sure – Women are still hurting from affairs. They may still be in the marriage, but they are hurting.Some are still bitter and some are just broken.

When “So He Cheated, Now What? was released I heard from people all over. Men and women ( because men are hurting too)

One of the reasons for the bitterness is rebuilding the trust.

I always say “taking him back was the easy part,rebuilding trust was very hard”. One reason the trust was restored in my marriage was because my husband “showed up”. He participated in the process of rebuilding the trust. Some women I talk to are trying to rebuild it by themselves. The husband says, ” I said I’m sorry, get over it.”


Rebuilding trust is not easy and it takes both parties. The two of you have to participate in the process and it is a process.

Below are 3 steps to rebuilding trust.

1. Comfort her not just with words but with your actions

2. Listen – When she has a flashback, listen to her feelings, don’t downplay them.Tell her you understand and say, ” I am truly sorry, baby.”

3. Counsel – If you feel you need to speak with someone, please do.


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