No More Chains Holding Me

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“I am free… Praise the Lord, I’m free… No longer
bound… No more chains holding me…. My soul is
resting…. It’s just a blessing…. Praise the Lord Hallelujah, I’m free…”


This song takes me back.It’s a song that speaks volumes for me and so many others. It’s reminds me of the day I dropped the chains that had me bound.How did I do that?
Read my 3 steps to freedom.

1. I realized that I have no control over the choices others make. People are grown adults.Their decisions, be it good or bad are just that – their decisions. They will have to face consequences and live with them, not me.

2. Learning the word NO. I have learned how to say NO and say it more often. NO is a good word and can work out for my good when used properly.I learned I do not have to do everything everyone asks me to do. It doesn’t make me a bad person to say NO. It just makes me a wise one.Try it, you may like it.

3.Free to forgive.When I forgive those that hurt me I have unlocked the door to my freedom. This is such an important part of how I live freely. Forgive and forgive quickly. Do not let it harbor or grow. Unforgiveness is like a disease. It grows and can affect all areas of your life. It’s not worth it. Do it today.

These 3 simple tips have helped me and I pray they help you.


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