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He Cheated, So Now What ??

This weekend I had the privilege of going to see Why Did I Get Married Too by Tyler Perry.

In the movie ” Pat” ( Janet Jackson ) was a successful author of the book, ” He Cheated, So Now What?”

In reality a very similar title, ” So He Cheated, Now What?” is written by Nicole Cleveland.

Pam Perry of Ministry Marketing Solutions and Christian book promotion expert says

“Wow. Nicole went through and came out on the other side – and now has turned her ‘scars’ into ‘stars. ‘So He Cheated, Now What?’ will make you breathe again because restoration is possible – with God” – Pam Perry, Ministry Marketing Solutions Inc www.MinistryMarketingSolutions.com

“So He Cheated, Now What” is a guide to overcoming an affair in your relationship / marriage.

Pat ( Janet Jackson ) provides tips to trusting your spouse that brings some interesting dialogue amongst the characters in the movie, especially Angela, ( Tasha Smith ).

“So He Cheated, Now What” by Nicole Cleveland offers steps to healing and restoration after an affair.

“Taking my husband back was the easy part. Rebuilding trust after the affair was the hard part.” says Cleveland.

This book is written to help women rebuild the love and trust. Real, raw emotions are revealed in “So He Cheated, Now What?”

Why did I stay?

Will I ever trust him again?

Will I ever stop crying?

What’s wrong with me?

Was it my fault?
Purchase the book and share with a friend, sister or co-worker.

To view the book trailer click here

“So He Cheated, Now What” by Nicole Cleveland is available at www.sohecheated.com and on Amazon.