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Molding Mommies Luncheon

Recently I spoke at the Molding Mommies – Making of Magnificence Luncheon in Hampton Virginia.
Three speakers were on the panel. Myself, Veronica Thomas and Teyonna Aiken.

All week I could not sleep, as if there were a tugging in my spirit.
Things that normally go smoothly began to crumble and it seemed like everything around
me was starting to overwhelm me.

When things like that happen. I must slow down and ask the Lord.”What’s up?”

Something was trying to distract me from my purpose.Things that never needed my attention
suddenly became undone, calling for me to fix or focus on when my focus needed to be on
preparing for my presentation.

Why all the distractions?

If my attention was on the drama happening around me, it took my focus off my presentation.
For me, when I am distracted from my “purpose” ( and this is my purpose – my ministry )
I know I must press even harder to complete the assignment. I must complete preparation because someone there
needs to hear my story. Part of their healing will be in what I will say, my testimony.

It’s not about me but all about how God delivered me. He is using me to tell my story. To help other women heal from overcoming infidelity in their marriage. If the purpose is interrupted or distracted, I may miss a vital point.

Each time I speak someone always hugs me and whispers something like- “Thank you”, ” You are me “,”I wish I could have stayed” or “You came here for me“. Those words are always confirmation that I am in my lane.

When we are distracted from our “purpose”, see it for what it is, give it to God and keep pressing.