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God is Faithful


God is so faithful. I’ve  been seeking the Lord this past week for some major areas to shift in my life. In the 3,4 and 5am time frame, my God has been showing up to speak, heal and deal with me.

When we say we trust and depend totally on him, do we mean it ? Old school mothers believed that food would be sent to the house so their families could eat. They prayed and the knock came with boxes of food. No coincidence, just total trust and faith that God would show up. And he did.

God confirmed some things with me today. I am in route to the Fourth Annual Anointed Pen Christian Writers Conference in Detroit at Greater Grace Temple, hosted by author, Venus Mason Theus. Low and behold, I  missed my flight this morning. The airlines  put me on standby and the next flight was full. So they put me on standby for the next flight. This means  I would be on standby with no real guarantee of a seat.   I didn’t like those odds, so I had to bite the bullet and pay.

I go ahead and  try to pay in order to secure the next flight so I don’t get bumped. Meanwhile a Pastor and his wife come out of no where, introduce themselves to me, tell me all about their ministry, ask me for my business card and pay for my ticket. I bless God for his favor, but even more, his confirmation that he is always with me. I love him soooo much. He uses people to bless us. What if I was being nasty to the employee ? What if I had an attitude? I am so humble because it’s like he’s blowing on me, saying, “I Got You – Don’t Worry”.

This next book must be something fierce because I am being tried on what it seems like every side.

When things like this happen, I have learned to press in and go harder because there is something great on the other side.


Stay Blessed,