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No Shame in Starting Over

Have you felt like you’ve made no progress in your business or ministry?

You’ve been in it for a while, but the needle has not moved. You started off strong and have great intentions, but “life happens” and survival mode kicks in.

After a while, living, eating and taking care of day to day necessities take priority and your “purpose” takes a back seat.

Weeks, months and soon, years go by without dedicating time to the God given purpose you were intended to walk out in this life.

The gnawing never goes away, because, when you are not doing what God purposed, you become uncomfortable, knowing there is so much more for you to do.

I know this feeling well.

May I encourage you to go back, find where you dropped it and pick it back up! There is NO shame in starting over. The shame is not fulfilling the call on your life. The shame is telling God No, after he trusted you to carry out his plan for your life.

Remember – it’s not about you, your feelings or your plans. It’s all about God’s plan for your life.

Have faith, get a plan and……

Pick it back up!