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You are a Product of God

Life will hand you its portion of ups and down. One moment we fly high above our situations, next, we find ourselves stuck in the midst of a storm. We question our situations and God. Oh, yes- we question God. “Why God?“, “Why Me?”. We question God, as if he doesn’t know what’s going on.

In the midst of our storms, we seem to forget how far we’ve come, what God has already done and this TOO shall pass.

During some of my most difficult trials, I focus on individuals that overcame some of life’s most difficult situations. I’m talking about individuals that on paper, it seemed hopeless. But with God, it was hopeful. These individuals encourage me to focus on God’s miraculous works.

I have many in my arsenal, but one in particular is Tawana Williams. I met Tawana about 10 years ago online. She reached out to me to be featured in Breathe Again Magazine. I was blown away by her story, her passion and her sheer determination to keep fighting.

About Tawana

Tawana Williams was born without arms & impaired use of her legs She’s faced many challenges throughout her life; she was gang raped during a home invasion many years ago, raped by her step father and addicted to crack & cocaine for 10 years.  Tawana has experienced abortion, motherhood, a stroke/mind interruption and a mild heart attack.

Tawana grew up just like everyone else. She went to school, had chores and is an amazing artist.  She didn’t allow her circumstance to dictate her future. She was NOT a victim of her circumstance.

Today, Tawana travels the world sharing her victorious testimony. She is the author of “Unarmed, But Dangerous”.  Learn more about Tawana here.

I want to encourage you today to keep fighting. Contrary to what others say and how statistics are created, you are NOT a victim or a product of your situation, environment, family, upbringing or what someone has done to you.

You are only a product of it, if you choose to be. Choose to fight!

You are a product of God!

Stay Blessed

You are ENOUGH

  I want you to know something. YOU ARE ENOUGH!  Your body is enough,your face is enough,your house ( apt ),booty and car are enough. Too often  we think because someone has moved on or hurt us, we must conform to make them stay or love us. No,No,No! If God created you in his image… Continue Reading