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I Pray Your Today is Better than Yesterday

If you’ve read my book, “So He Hurt You, Now What?” – Messages of Hope for a Hurting Sister you’ll find that I start most messages out with, “I pray your today is better than yesterday.” So I start this post out with that same message. How was your yesterday? It may have been terrible… Continue Reading

Don’t Let Your Storm Overtake You

“Whatever you focus on will consume you and eventually overtake you”                   So He Hurt You, Now What? – Messages of Hope for a Hurting Sister  Hey Girl, I pray your today is better than yesterday. My prayer for you today is PEACE. May the Lord overshadow… Continue Reading

You are ENOUGH

  I want you to know something. YOU ARE ENOUGH!  Your body is enough,your face is enough,your house ( apt ),booty and car are enough. Too often  we think because someone has moved on or hurt us, we must conform to make them stay or love us. No,No,No! If God created you in his image… Continue Reading